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Body Composition Optimization

and Weight Loss

Find the leaner, stronger you by burning fat and preserving muscle.


Achieve and maintain your ideal weight while eating delicious real food and doing the activities you love. 

Whether you have significant weight loss goals or are simply looking to trade in some fat for muscle, the Lean Me Program at Gage Health Institute can help get you there.  This is NOT a diet, a restrictive plan based on deprivation, or a program that requires countless hours in the gym.  Developed by Gage Health physicians, the Lean Me Program partners you with a certified health coach to guide and support you through the five steps of a metabolic reset. You can then use those strategies throughout your life.

Lean Me includes pre and post measurement of fat and lean tissue mass, a personalized nutrition framework, and weekly check ins with your health coach partner to keep you on track.  Medical nutrition products may be incorporated into the program and are available at additional cost.  


Contact us to learn more.

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